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Hey there, I am really excited to have you here with us.

Your life is about to change radically for the better with the information contained herein.

If you face any problems or have any questions, feel free to contact me at sara@enochianmanifest.com

With much love,
Sara Miller

Enochian Manifest Advanced Level

The third and final handbook in the Enochian Manifestation series, and also the most powerful one. This book builds upon the knowledge you have gained from earlier levels, and guides you on the 3 most powerful rituals to change the areas of life that most people face trouble in, and at the same time teaches you to craft your own personal rituals to tackle problems that are specific to yourself.

Wealth Ritual Track

This ritual will help you to attract all the wealth that you need and wish for in life. If you have done your intention setting right, this will boost your results!

Healing Ritual Track

Healing is an important part of life - you simply do not run around life being hurt or injured, whether physically or emotionally.

Love Ritual Track

Find the love you have always dreamed of, and build the best relationships and friendships that you could ever have with this track.

Crafting Your Own Rituals

This is the most advanced level of rituals - creating and crafting your own personalized rituals. Use this with caution, and only after you have become familiar with the other rituals in the entire program.

Names Pronunciation Track

Supercharge your success with the rituals by learning the pronunciation of the Enochian Names using this track!