You did it.

You’ve just made the smartest move of your life and you don’t know it.

Aren’t you lucky?

Now don’t worry you’re in the right place.

Just don’t touch the mouse or press the back button or exit out of this page..

... because that could cause errors with your order. 

My personal letter to you is short...

But I have something important I need to say to you so please read my letter all the way to the end.

I do want to congratulate you.

You took the most important first step…

Because you want to know how to use the Rituals of Enochian Magick to talk with your Angels. 

And when you follow the rituals...

You’ll put all your fears, anxiety and worries about money at rest...

Along with all the past pain and hurt from abuse, and the feelings of being unwell...

Even the horrible sadness from an unexpected loss or death will soon all be behind you.

It’s time to get the heavenly help from your loving Angels you need.

Like I said, you’re lucky because you’re reading my personal letter to you.

You’ve just made the smartest move of your life. 

Look at what just happened here.

You came in being held prisoner by “bad karma”, or (possibly) “a demon” attachment!

Now that horrible life sentence of struggling day after day only to get less than you about to be permanently removed from your life forever.

If you came here feeling frustrated and looking for “something that worked” you could get rid of all those bad things in your life...

Bad things like... a lack of money, being stuck in a job you dislike, having hurtful arguments with your loved ones, or a longing to be loved the way you want, or worries about your security and safety in this chaotic world that keep you awake at night.

Soon all that will be behind you because...

Pretty soon you’re going to be – THE ONE “with the WONDERFUL LIFE!”

You knew there must be a better way...You’re willing to admit you need your Angel’s help.

The rituals you have right now are a great start.

You need to heal from the hurtful things that have happened to you and decide to do something about it. 

That’s awesome!

I know you’re sick and tired of all the bad stuff too.

You look at your situation and when you say... “I’m not going to take this crap anymore!” The second you say that, your life is sure to change.

You want to know how to use the Rituals...So you’ll be the one calling the shots to make your life the way you want it.

When you know how to use the rituals to talk to and ask for help from your heavenly Angels... 

There isn’t a single part of your life that won’t be better once you use the rituals inside the Enochian Manifestation Book.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the new abundance, and feelings of peace soon appear in your life :-)

Just like when my Guardian Angel took my hand... You’ll know how to talk to your Angels too and when you do... 

You’ll experience MORE love, MORE wealth and MORE happiness into your life… and it all starts right now!

I want you to understand…just how close to HEAVEN you are now.

The Enochian Magick Rituals helped me open up to the profound wisdom and heavenly guidance of my Angels and how The Universe truly does affect everything in my life and now it’s your turn.

You’ll feel a sense of calm control about everything that happens in your life.

The stress and confusion of not getting what you want and deserve will soon be a thing of the past.

You’ll never have to worry about feeling alone anymore because your Angels are always with you.

Now your friends and family may wonder what happened to you.

Especially when you seem to smile all the time.

“When you use The Enochian Manifestation Rituals Your Angels will Reward You…”

When you know how to talk to your Angels, they can guide you to help you make decisions. 

 Your Angels can save you from getting into a bad relationship, or being stuck in a poor career choice, or getting into disagreements with your coworkers, your boss, or your friends and family.

 Your Angels can help guide you so you get what you deserve.And that’s why it is so important you continue to read on to see what I have to say.

 No matter what your dreams are...You have the power to make your life the way you want it when you master the rituals. 

 Follow what the Rituals tell you to do...And you’ll be able to have what you want – and all it takes is just minutes a day.

Talk to your Angels and listen.

Then apply their guidance to EVERYTHING and things can be the way you want it!

Your Money.

Your Career.

Your Relationships.

Your Health.

Your calm feeling of Peace.

OK, I get it.

All this seems too good to be true and a bit out of this world.

I understand how you feel IT’S HARD to change anything in your life right now.

You have to bow to the whims of others – your boss, your coworkers, your partner, your family and your friend’s needs - the list of what you can’t do goes on and on.

You may think talking to your Angels and receiving their guidance seems like a pipe dream.

But it’s not.

Because you’ll have the heavenly “antidote” to all those bad things that have been ruining your life.

I want you to know a vital truth.

Please, for your own sake heed my sincere and heartfelt warning to you.

The day my Guardian Angel saved me...

She gave me the courage I needed to fight and take my life back.

Once I knew about how my negative thinking had brought “bad karma” and “a demon” into my life...

This made me face a big problem with my own inability to fix it on my own. 

I was scared I would fail or mess it up.

I needed help in a more permanent way to stop my negative thinking and break free from my “bad karma”.

I needed to make sure “the demon” that was attached to me was gone for good!

Those Terrible Thoughts Troubled Me...

So I asked my Angel to guide me so I could understand why I felt this way.

I was desperate to avoid all these bad things from happening again in my future.

And that’s when the sad truth came to me.

 In my heart I knew I was afraid I would mess things up!

Even though I had read the Enochian Manifestation Book and followed the rituals I was unsure it would always and faithfully work for me.

 Why? Because – I had a big self-confidence problem!

 I didn’t believe I deserved all this abundance!

So I asked my Angel what I could do about it. I needed a way to get rid of my fear of failure.

She said my work on Enochian Manifestation was not quite finished.

My Angel told me that although what I had achieved with Enochian Manifestation were great to start with... 

I needed to do more because of my confidence and attunement problems.

Because I had so many bad things happen to me...

My confidence was low.

I needed to get a deeper connection to my intuition and get more clarity about my true self.

I would need extra help to stay on track to build and keep the life I really wanted. 

 I didn’t understand how to attune myself or how to deeply connect to my intuition.

I really didn’t know the first thing about how to get clarity on what I really wanted to be happy, and how to be loved and feel safe again.

 After I talked to my Angel I knew in my heart all this was true. 

 So I opened my journal and wrote all the things I needed more help with:

1. Banish my demon and keep it away for good.

2. Know the right way to attune my thoughts to my longed for desires.

3. See more clearly with stronger insights into what I really wanted.

4. Know my true self so I could understand my life and what I needed to be happy.

5. Find a sure way to boost my belief and self-confidence when doing the rituals.

6. Imagine a better life by unlocking the abundance and knowing the rituals would work for me.

When my Angel suggested I look at what I had written down... I instantly knew there were more Rituals I had to create! 

 It was time for my Angel to guide me again to create new rituals that were a “no-brainer to do'' and were completely “fool-proof” with easy to follow “step-by-step” instructions to help me overcome my confidence and attunement problems.

 She said she would guide me to help me create 6 New Step-By-Step Rituals for myself and all the people in need to help us overcome all 6 of these life problems.

 So I went back to work. 

 I created new and exciting books and audios for The *NEW* Enochian Magick Program.

With my Angel’s guidance... 

The Intermediate Level of Enochian Manifestation Was BORN!
And people are LOVING IT!

In the *UPGRADED* Enochian Magick Rituals, we explore in more detail The Enochian Alphabet and The Great Table of Earth (The Watchtowers) and how to do these 6 New Rituals to bring more love and abundance and peace into your life.

These will make your life better no matter how hard things might seem right now.

One of the biggest problems people face when they achieve the success they dreamed of, especially if it came to them quickly, is that they do not feel like they earned it or can live up to it. 

This is how lottery winners lose all their money after they receive their million dollar check. 

When they became rich, the money didn't last long but because they did not upgrade their internal belief system to match. 

They are stuck on the poverty energy level mindset and lose it all. 

We are going to prevent the belief of losing your wealth with the 6th Being Ritual.

And even better,

You’ll get up to 7 TIMES MORE Manifesting Power to MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WANT!

And learn step-by-step how to banish EVERY BAD THING from your life and open the flood gates to new prosperity!

You will be pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is for you to manifest anything you want THE FIRST TIME!

You’ll be able to more easily build up your abilities so you can SUPERCHARGE your results!

Don’t underestimate the power of these "UPGRADED” Rituals –

When you do these rituals your eyes will be opened to many things you may not have seen as problems or believe are possible. 

Many people have told me that these new step-by-step rituals changed their lives by helping them to spot opportunities they didn’t know of, or avoid pitfalls they would have otherwise fallen into.


Inside this *UPGRADED* Enochian Manifestation you will get detailed information on the Enochian Alphabet and The Great Table of Earth (Watchtowers).

You’ll see how the alphabet works with the tables and doing The 6 *NEW* Rituals.

You’ll have absolutely no worries about what to do as each ritual is easy to follow. I’ve kept it really simple, fast and easy so anyone can get incredible results!


The 6 Rituals are easy to do because you never have to think about what to do.

Each Ritual gives you a simple text to read and easy steps to follow.

The 6 Rituals You Will Receive include:

1. The Banishing Ritual of The Hexagram (Worth $49)

This Banishing Ritual banishes unwanted influences and consecrates the area in which you are performing the subsequent rituals and keeps you safe while you are doing the rituals.

2. The Attunement Ritual: (Worth $49)

The Attunement Ritual helps you to discover your innermost desire, the core desire to truly define your success and uncover what truly makes you happy and at peace with yourself.

3. The Confidence Ritual: (Worth $49)

The Confidence Ritual eliminates your fear of failure, as it encourages you to face the challenges by freeing you from fear, worry and doubt while you are pursuing your desires.

4. The Clarity and Intuition Ritual: (Worth $49)

This Clarity and Intuition Ritual sharpens your clarity and deepens your connection to your intuition so you can trust you are always making the right decisions and creating your own true destiny.

5. The Being Ritual: (Worth $49)

The Being Ritual connects your outer world with your inner world, as it upgrades your presence so you feel at peace and ease with the new “abundance world” that has been manifested by you.

6. The Imagination Ritual: (Worth $49)

This Imagination Ritual empowers you with immense possibilities and pathways by opening your mind and to be more creative to bring to you endless opportunities and boundless abundance.

When you use all 6 *NEW* Rituals together you can ease your way into removing your blocks to accepting financial rewards, limitless love, security, peace and abundance!

For A Limited Time You’ll Get MORE Expert Guidance…To Ensure Your Manifestation Success with 2 FREE Premium Bonuses!

From the months of research… You’ll also enjoy a sensual meditation secret …

PREMIUM BONUS #1: Enochian Meditation Sexual/Sensual Secrets ~ (Worth $100)

The Enochian Meditation Sexual/Sensual  Secrets is to strengthen and purify your sexual energies in order to make the Enochian Manifestation rituals that you have learned more powerful and effective.

As you build up the sexual energy in your body, and continually refine and cleanse it using this meditation, you will find that your energy levels throughout the day will be sky high.

 When your sexual energies have been strengthened and purified to a certain level you will find that the rituals become more intense, and you get more powerful results and visions. You’ll enjoy…. A sensual gift bonus made with sensual love. 

PREMIUM BONUS #2: The 6 Sigils (A printed version) ~ (Worth $100)

Wouldn’t you love to have the printed version of the 6 Sigils used in the rituals in Enochian Manifestation Intermediate? Now you will have it! Just download and use this printed version of the 6 Sigils to assist you with properly doing your rituals.

Total Value of the Intermediate Program: $494

YOUR PRICE TODAY: $494 $67 (SAVE $427!)


I want to ensure you love Enochian Manifestation Intermediate and it delivers everything I say it does.

Try Enochian Manifestation Intermediate today and you’ll be instantly covered by my 60-Day 100% Love It Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee!

Try the program and do the rituals.

Then, if for any reason it didn’t work for you, just write me an email and I’ll send you all your money back.

No hassle and no questions asked. 

You are protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

That's how confident I am when it comes to me delivering my life's work!

Total Value of the Intermediate Program: $494

YOUR PRICE TODAY: $494 $67 (SAVE $427!)