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Email #1 - Sit back and relax, NAME

Dear NAME,

You don't always have to be THAT uptight.

What do I mean?

In our quest for the things that we dream of and desire in our lives...

We often feel stressed out and uncertain.

But sometimes, all we need to do is to sit back and relax...

>>> And let what we want come to us naturally...

Sign off


Email #2 - Connect with your Angels, NAME

Dear NAME,

Does it feel like you are not able to connect to your higher powers sometimes?

Like your prayers are not heard...

And not answered.

>>> It doesn't have to be this way!

You can reconnect with your Angels by listening to this AMAZING track right here...

Take a leap of faith and...

>>> Download your copy now ;)

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Email #3 - Remove these obstacles, NAME

Dear NAME,

A lot of what we don't want happens to us because of blockages...

That keep us from being able to connect with our Angels...

>>> Clear your blockages NOW

By raising our vibrations, we are able to clear these blockages,

And allow ourselves to connect with our Angels... 

>>> Don't wait anymore... Your dream life is on the other side ;)

Sign off



Email #1 - HIDDEN POWERS You Didn’t Know You Have

Dear NAME,

Did you know that you have hidden powers within you waiting to be awakened?

In fact, you only need to say the right words for it to work in your favour.

=>> Click here to find out more

Please do not share this with others…

You are receiving this only because you are ready.

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Email #2 - Does NAME believe in Magick?

Dear NAME,

I’m not talking about the kind of Magick you see in movies where the main character waves a wand and manifest fireworks.

But here’s the thing.

Magick is the act of bringing you your desires in ‘unexpected ways’.

Magick EXISTS!

You just need to speak the right words to make it work.

=> Your journey begins here

Promise me you’ll use it for the good!

Sign off


Email #3 - Cast your first ‘abundance spell', NAME

Dear NAME,

Is there an area of your life where you experience ‘lack’?

Now’s your chance because for the first time in a very long time…

This ancient art of manifestation has re-surfaced and people are experiencing the GOODNESS of using it.

The only requirement is to use it with good intentions.

=> Click here to cast your first abundance spell!

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Email #1 - I had a dream about you, NAME

Dear NAME,

You appeared in my dream last night...

And the angels told me that you were in need of some divine intervention in your life,

Just like I did in the past...

During the darkest days of my life.

Your life is about to change for the better, because the angels have spoken...

>> Check out the message from your angels HERE

You will discover why you have been "unlucky" recently, and how to turn your life around completely!

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Email #2 - Don't let your luck run out, NAME

Dear NAME,

Everyone has had good luck at some point in their lives...

But why is it that some people just seem to have more luck than others?

What if I told you that it has nothing to do with...

Your birth date...

Your horoscope...

Your Fengshui...

Or even...

Your name?

Yes... it has nothing to do with all that, or anything else that anyone might have told you.

You are not unlucky.

You are just being plagued by demons...

Demons that have attached themselves to you at some point in your life.

Usually during the times when your energy was negative...

When you were filling your mind with negative thoughts...

Or facing a series of unfortunate events...

Like the pandemic sweeping across the world right now.

We "run out of luck" because we allow these negative energies and thoughts to stay stagnant in us...

And these demons feed on the negativity we perpetuate.

So if you would like to become "luckier",

Or break out of the negativity cycle...

>>> Then I urge you to read my story, and discover how I banished these demons for good

You will never run out of luck ever again!

Sign off


Email #3 - A conspiracy by the Universe, NAME

Dear NAME,

You might not believe this...

But the Universe has channeled its energy...

Towards YOU.

And it wants you to see [THIS].


It is a conspiracy by the Universe to set you free from all the bad things holding you back.

>>> Go HERE to begin the new life of your dreams!

Sign off



Email #1 - Your prayers have been answered…

Dear NAME,

I understand you’ve been having problems for some time. 

It could be due to money, health, relationships or something nobody else knows about. - except you

And trust me, life wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any problems.

Worst, you may be blaming yourself but your archangels want you to know that it’s not your fault!

They are here for you today and they want you to know that everything is going to be okay…

This hidden esoteric knowledge could just change your life forever if you apply it for the good.

=>> Proceed here to find out how it works!

Be kind to yourself.

Sign off


Email #2 - The angels wanted me to show you this, NAME

Dear NAME,

We are all protected and watched over by our angels...

Whether you believe it or not, they exist...

And most of the time, they keep watch over you silently.

Perhaps you have been trying hard to make your desires or dreams come true...

But have been met with resistance...

Fret not.

>> The angels wanted you to see this

If you would like to live the life of your dreams,

Then please do not miss this chance...

>> It will make all the difference in your life

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Email #3 - Demons have attached themselves to you, NAME

Dear NAME,

Did you know this?

All the bad luck that you may have experienced...

And all the bad things that have happened to you in the past...

Were due to demons attaching themselves to you?

I couldn't believe it either...

Even when the perfect life I had was utterly destroyed by them.

But ever since I banished the demons attached to me, my life has become a whole lot better.

>> Find out how I did that HERE

You might think that it would not happen to you...

But these demons are always lurking and waiting for a chance to attach themselves to you...

So... even if you are feeling lucky now, it doesn't hurt to [keep yourself protected against them].

Sign off


Email #4 - A Message for NAME

Dear NAME,

The angels appeared when I was meditating yesterday...

And they told me the names of a few individuals that were in need of help.

Yours was the first on the list.

That's why I am reaching out to you...

>> Because the angels have a message for you

NAME, I know that you have tried your best in everything that you have done...

But sometimes, it just feels like no matter how hard you try, things don't seem to go the way you want them to.

It's not your fault.

You may not know this yet...

[But demons have attached themselves to you...]

And they are the ones that are wrecking havoc in your life.


Don't lose hope.

Divine help is on the way.

You just have to continue to have faith.

And things will get better.

>> Especially once you have learned how to banish these demons from your life!

I know for sure, because I was in a bad place in the past too

Sign off


Email #5 - You need to see this, NAME

Dear NAME,

What I am about to share with you is highly personal...

But you need to see [this].

You see,

I was living the life of my dreams...

Everything felt so perfect! 

I could never have asked for more.

But just when I thought that I was set for life...


And I lost everything I treasured and loved in just a matter of months.

I even ended up sleeping on the streets,

Harassed by hostile and dangerous people...

And could barely feed myself with the scraps of food I scavenged for.

My story may sound drastic... But it may happen to anyone.

Even you. 

Or the people around you.

[That is why it is so important that you see this]

In this letter I share the secret behind why my perfect life was destroyed,

And how I managed to turn all of it around...

With the help of my angels.

>> Don't wait until it's too late my friend, you need to read this NOW

Sign off



Email #1 - Your WORST days are over, NAME

Dear NAME,

I know that things can get a little tough at times...

Especially during times like this when the pandemic is causing distress worldwide.

But I am here to assure you that things are going to get better.

Especially for YOU.

You see...

It was not by chance that our paths have crossed...

It was your destiny to [read this important letter]

So that you can put your worst days behind you...

>>> Find out how to banish ALL your bad luck now...

You will thank me for this.

Sign off


Email #2 - Take back control of your life, NAME

Dear NAME,

I'm not gonna lie.

There's been nights where I am lying in bed...

Wondering why things could have gone so wrong in my life.

And whether I was just born to be unlucky.

But luckily for me, I learned that bad luck can be banished.

And I can take control of my life...

To live the life of my dreams.

>>> And so can you. If you read this message by Sara here

Sign off


Email #3 - A better life awaits you, NAME

Dear NAME,

You were born for great things in life.

And the reason you have not become who you've always wanted to be...

Or lived the life of your dreams...

Is because you are [being held back].

But that doesn't have to be the case.

Your time has come.

>>> Unleash your FULL potential with this powerful tool right HERE

Sign off



Email #1 - Ask and you shall RECEIVE, NAME

Dear NAME,

You've probably heard it a thousand times...

That if you ask...

You will receive.

But what you probably didn't know, is that if you do not remove the blockages in your life...

It would be near impossible to receive the things that you ask for...

Even if the Universe is trying its best to send them your way.

So if you have not been receiving what you have asked for,

>>> You need to find out how to remove your blockages!

Sign off


Email #2 - The SECRET that will make your wishes come true, NAME

Dear NAME,

If you have ever tried manifesting something that you truly desired,

You would know that you don't always manage to "make it happen"...

Like you, I have been through this...

In fact I've experienced worse -

The only things I manifested were my greatest fears.

That is... Until I discovered this "SECRET' right here.

>>> Read Sara's story and discover this secret for yourself!

Sign off


Email #3 - (1) You have a message from Sara, NAME

Dear NAME,

A good friend of mine recently shared her story with me.

She had lost everything she had ever treasured in life...

Losing her baby, her family, and her home.

And it all seemed like just "bad luck".

But she came across this ancient knowledge that [turned her life around completely]...

Now, she wants to share this with as many people as she can,

Because she knows that everyone could use a little help...

To manifest the life of their dreams.

>>> Check out her message for YOU here!

Sign off



Email #1 - Manifest An Immediate Financial Miracle

Dear NAME,

It may be hard to believe…

But I myself and many others have done it.

Just by understanding how this ancient art of manifestation work, you can tap into endless abundance and wealth.

=>> Manifest your 1st Financial Miracle today

Good luck! 

Sign off


Email #2 - Archaic spell to manifest money

Dear NAME,

If you’ve been struggling with money…

You shall be BLESSED!

=>> You won’t be skeptical once you got your first miracle!

Sign off


Email #3 - The Ancients Use This To Generate Money

Dear NAME,

We are all bounded by our circumstances.

For some, it is always a life of bliss and prosperity…

But for others, like Sara, it isn’t always the case.

>>> Give her a chance to tell you her story.

…And WHY this pattern works — it all goes back to ancient times.

>>> Proven “Magick” That Helps You “Print” Cash-on-Demand.

Sign off



Email #1 - Don't show this to anyone else, NAME

Dear NAME,

Don't show this email to anyone else...

Especially if you don't want them to be luckier than you.

I mean it.

Especially if you are feeling a little down on luck at the moment.

I am going to share a really big secret with you in just a bit...

But first, I want you to think about whether you consider yourself to be a lucky person.

Not just in this moment... But from the time you were young...

Chances are...

You've experienced times of good luck...

And also times when everything seemed to go against you.

When you felt like you were the unluckiest person in the world.

That's normal... It really is.

And it's not even your fault.

You see, what we call LUCK is actually more than just that.

It is affected by many factors surrounding us at any given point in time.

Your energy levels and frequencies.

The people surrounding you...

Your reactions to the things happening to and around you...

(And this is the biggest secret that no one has told you about...)

The DEMONS that are attached to you.



And they are causing you more harm than you can imagine...

All the bad luck you have had...

Is just the tip of the ice berg really...

>> Discover how I banished those demons and reclaimed my life HERE

Your life will change drastically for the better, I promise.

Sign off


Email #2 - This is for YOU only, NAME 

Dear NAME,

Your name came up when I was communicating with my angels yesterday.

And I was told to pass this message on to you.

Better days are coming...

But you need to read [this message] first.

>>> Remember... This is just for YOU. Don't share this with anyone else.

Sign off


Email #3 - Don't wait till it's too late, NAME

Dear NAME,

We often live our lives as though we would never die...

Putting off our dreams, hopes and aspirations till "tomorrow".

And when we meet setbacks along the way...

We attribute them to bad luck.

But that is not true. My friend Sara [is living proof of that].

So don't wait till it's too late...

Don't wait till everything you treasure has been taken away from you.

>>> Take control of your life and banish all your bad luck now, NAME

Sign off